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On Premise Data Centre or Cloud?

For many years ‘the cloud has been coming’ but in 2015 it is fair to say that the cloud has well and truly arrived. There is a level of maturity and understanding of the capabilities of a cloud based environment … Continue reading


Is IT splitting up?

A recent report by Forrester, revealed that more than half of companies with 10% year on year revenue growth have appointed Chief Data Officers (CDOs). Although overall only 45% of companies have a CDO, some 16% of companies plan to … Continue reading


IoT puts information back at the heart of IT

The Internet of Things, which involves the transfer of data directly between objects over a network without humans or computers, is clearly the fastest growing opportunity for most organisations today. However, effectively exploiting the opportunity depends on a number of … Continue reading

Cyber Security

Targeting Cyber Security

A recent survey highlighted ‘Cyber Security’ as one of the greatest concerns of small and medium law firms within the UK. Legal technology today is a source of competitive advantage in many instances and, at the very least, a driver of efficiency … Continue reading

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