Application Integration & Modernisation

Application Integration & Modernisation

Advanced 365 ensures that your existing applications stay relevant to today's business environment by improving the user experience, delivering better workflow and enabling integration with other systems. Recent innovations such as mobile devices and Cloud services provide significant business value when used in conjunction with your legacy systems. Advanced 365 provide the skills and solutions that enable such a transformation journey.

The Challenge

Many organisations rely on long established legacy software applications that hold invaluable business information yet which are inefficient, out-dated and expensive to maintain. Replacing or re-writing applications is easier said than done; an expensive exercise which potentiall jeopardises access to highly critical data that an organisation may have amassed over many years.  

The Solution

We can successfully address the integration of core applications in older languages to directly support Web services or Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and technologies such as JAVA and .NET – streamlining your processes, reducing costs and delivering a faster, more responsive service to your customers.

Advanced 365 Business Innovation can also help you maximise the benefits of your existing core applications by replacing the data layer, or implementing an enhanced user interface.

Application Understanding

Application discovery solutions that allow you to Maintain your systems and data to support strategic planning, business analysis, ongoing IT maintenance and modernisation. Comprehensive solution covering all of your legacy and most current application sets.

Complete ability to interact with your applications and data – from bottom-up source code inspection to top-down strategy planning.

Integration into a SOA

Web services and SOAs, such as Microsoft .NET and Java/J2EE technologies allow one application to easily and loosely integrate with another. However, if existing core applications are in older languages such as COBOL, RPG, C, BASIC etc there is a problem. These languages do not directly support Web services or SOA.

What this has meant in the past is that developers have had to create their own proprietary ‘point-to-point’ connections written in more modern languages. This creates more proprietary code and frequently a bottleneck in operational processes.

The better approach is to enable these core applications to connect directly to newer applications in a scalable way, using the same standards that these modern languages use.  Our approach ensures none of your core applications need to be disconnected but can be fully integrated into your enterprise’s strategy of business-on-demand. This provides the following advantages:

  • High performance & scalability
  • Maximise ROI on legacy applications through re-use of business logic
  • Multiple ways to build services from existing applications

Replacement of the data layer

When business critical systems are written in legacy code they are often disadvantaged because the data is stored in legacy, sometimes proprietary data structures. These data structures do not provide the flexibility, accessibility and robustness of a relational database (RDBMS). As businesses require improved business intelligence, enterprise application integration and high availability of mission critical data, there is an increasing demand to modernise the data structures underpinning these legacy applications.

Advanced 365 Business Innovation designed its DBPronto product to bridge the gap between legacy applications and RDBMS such as Oracle, MySQL, PostreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server, replacing older proprietary ISAM file handlers. It is designed to work with legacy file handlers including COBOL, C-ISAM, U/FOS and BB-ISAM. This provides the following advantages:

  • Improve data integrity and robustness
  • Easily share data with other applications
  • Functional equivalence guaranteed Scalable and configurable

Implementation of an enhanced user interface

Traditional “green-screen” applications have been used for many years, however they aren’t intuitive, tend to be difficult to operate, are hard for new users to grasp, look & feel is restricted and they require specific terminal devices or installation of terminal emulators.

User expectations have changed and the advent of the browser has opened up new possibilities for deploying  these applications with an improved user interface.

Our experience in working with legacy applications on many different platforms has enabled us to provide user interface modernisation projects to a wide variety of customers. This provides the following advantages:

  • Intuitive look & feel
  • Low cost & easy deployment
  • Browser enablement
  • Cloud deployment

Why Advanced 365?

Our specialist expertise in application integration alongside our experience means we can provide an unparalleled service. The key benefits of our approach include:

  • Minimise risk associated with new development projects
  • Maximise value built into your legacy systems
  • Meet business needs
  • Increase agility – react quickly to business changes and new opportunities with reliable business intelligence
  • Low-cost deployment – product-based SOA solutions

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