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In today’s competitive business environment the difference between leaders and laggards is increasingly fine and access to good data can be the difference-maker.

Advanced Business Innovation’s approach to Business Intelligence starts with identifying the core questions for a particular business – for example ‘are we maximising profit’, or ‘are we admired in the industry?’, or ‘are our people proud to work here?’ Then we analyse what data would be required to answer those questions, and only then turn to the actual data stored in technology systems.

When done best, a business intelligence project is not a case of taking existing data and building an application to present that data. The best business intelligence projects are an exercise in answering core business questions.

Answering questions, not building applications. Of course, in some situations what is simply needed is deep technology expertise to unlock data hidden in multiple systems and our consultants have extensive experience in those challenges. However, either way, business intelligence is always about putting business decisions at the fore.

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