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Agility, relevance and personalisation: how membership organisations are transitioning acquisition and retention strategies in the new digital world

Our latest in a series of round-table events brought together a diverse range of membership organisations looking to discuss and debate the latest challenges, in this case, how they are transitioning engagement strategies in the new digital world. From the … Continue reading

The Digital Transition – the challenges around how charities are adapting their engagement strategies in the new digital world

Experimentation and tracking ROI are key London’s Science Museum again provided the backdrop for Advanced NFP’s latest round-table event, where a group of large – and smaller – charities came together to share best practice and provide practical advice on … Continue reading

Wembley and that golden ticket!

Congratulations to our clubs that have successfully surged their way to some magnificent play-off wins at Wembley and secured promotion throughout the football leagues, right up to the Premier League. We’ve been tracking the progress of all our clubs keen … Continue reading

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