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My Day As Chancellor

6.30am – Awake after yet another lousy night. I keep waking up shaky and sweaty, remembering standing in the House of Commons in March last year and saying “I am able to report that the British economy will continue to grow through this year and beyond”. It’s really hard – I doze off, hear myself again and take ages to get back to sleep, and again, and again……. Continue reading

If business intelligence is good enough for Warren Buffett it’s good enough for you

I’ve just started reading ‘The Snowball’ the biography of Warren Buffett, ‘Oracle of Omaha’, written by Alice Schroeder. It’s difficult not to warm to a man who has such a down to earth approach to business and life. Who has an overwhelming desire to keep proving himself and who has a deep reverence for his father whom he felt the world had treated unjustly. Continue reading


Today Base Rate is 5%. So what? LIBOR (the rate Banks are supposed to lend to each other) is 6.0% for one year and a one year Gilt earns 4.6% p.a. Drawings by the Banks under the emergency funding scheme are at 4.6% – so who gets or pays Base Rate? Continue reading