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Shared Services - Money Saving Genius

Shared Services – The Heat Is On For The Public Sector

We’re noticing that an increasing number of Advanced’s public sector customers are opting to share their IT and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Dramatic cost savings and increased efficiencies are two of the main reasons the ‘sharing service’ trend is continuing and this trend is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

Why move to a shared service?

Shared services – whereby common support functions are consolidated into a single, shared service across a number of organisations – requires an underlying shared IT infrastructure.

Shared IT is key for supporting a shared service environment and is a great way to cut IT complexity and increase efficiency in cost-constrained times. Public sector bodies, in particular, can really benefit from a shared services approach to technology. Continue reading

Public sector bodies need to get a grip on spend

Recent public sector strikes across the UK helped demonstrate the clear level of feeling generated by attempts to cut spending in the public sector.

Action concentrated on proposed changes to pension schemes, yet the sentiment associated with the strike seemed to draw on wider themes – the UK economy is struggling, conditions are only going to get tougher and public sector bodies must get a grip on spending.

Executives faced with making spending decisions face a tough job. On the one hand, citizens require a set of services that continue to meet their needs, particularly at a time when economic constraint means demands for support are likely to increase. Continue reading

Key things to consider before embarking on a shared services strategy

Public sector professionals that are struggling with the dual constraints of restrained investment and the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) are probably not overly keen to hear about yet another cost-cutting initiative. But the concept of shared services is absolutely crucial. The context for such significance is simple – The Coalition administration is eager to look at cost reduction measures. Shared services are seen as a means to slash spending by up to a third and political momentum is not the only explanation; many public bodies are already committed to sharing services. Continue reading

Sharing services is a means to cutting costs and improving quality

Children are taught it is good to share. It is a lesson for life that is now being re-learnt by UK IT leaders, particularly those who work in the public sector.

The coalition government has already introduced a series of measures to control and cut government spending. Such reductions have had an immediate impact, leaving many public sector executives concerned about how to achieve tight targets without negatively affecting service quality. Continue reading