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Whether in the private, public or third sector, Advanced have a finance solution to suit your requirements. We offer a wealth of sector expertise and best-of-breed finance software solutions that can help organisations from any sector take full control of their financial management activities.

Our four finance and accounting software solutions (e5, eFinancials, OpenAccounts and Exchequer) each have key accreditations from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). As the software author we also invest heavily in research and development, working closely with our customers to ensure our technology is fit for purpose. Our business has over 30 years’ experience developing and implementing financial solutions, meaning you can trust that your financial operations are in the safest of hands.

Award-winning finance solutions – deployed your way

Each of our three finance and accounting software solutions is purpose-built to suit different-sized organisations and each offers a breadth of functionality that can support the simplest to the most complex finance and accounting activity. Whatever your line of work, this can help you streamline financial processes, reduce costs, work smarter and make more informed decisions.

How your solution is deployed is up to you. Many of our solutions can be delivered as a managed service, hosted in the cloud or as a SaaS option. And if you work in the public sector and are interested in financial shared services, we can also provide a host of options.

Our finance and accounting software capabilities

Financial accounting

Our technology can relieve the administrative burden on your finance team from transactional and processing activities. This helps them to focus on more strategic tasks in order to boost departmental efficiency.

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Reporting and analysis

We offer a range of sophisticated financial reporting and analysis tools. Both out-of-the-box, custom built, dashboard and full BI options are available.

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Our financial self-service solutions enable people across your organisation and beyond to get involved in financial activities. This can help your business to carry out a host of financial tasks more efficiently.

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The benefits of choosing Advanced Business Solutions

We offer you:

  • A breadth of functionality that can be tailored to any business
  • Expert consultancy and project management services
  • Flexibility and cost-effectiveness: grow and develop your organisation without needing to recruit more accounting staff
  • Simple access to accounting information: managers can react more quickly and work smarter
  • Deployment options to suit you: managed services, cloud services, SaaS and shared services
  • A quick return on investment: our solutions are easy to set up, avoid the need to re-key data, improve processes and simplify maintenance
  • Integration with other business systems: for better functionality and lower risk
  • Enhanced security and control

Want to know more?

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