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Organisations are having to deal with tough and increasingly unpredictable economic conditions. In this climate, preserving positive cash flow, reducing risk and simply keeping up with the rate of business change have become much more difficult.

If you’re facing these challenges, Business intelligence (BI) tools can offer you enormous value. With the right tools, you can get accurate insight into your business performance, and model any potential business changes before you make them. This takes the guesswork out of your business development activities, which can protect valuable cash reserves and lower your risk.

That said, implementing business intelligence systems can be highly complex. So it’s important to know that we have the knowledge and experience to make it as simple as possible.

Broad and deep knowledge

Advanced Business Solutions arguably has the largest BI practice in the UK today. In the last ten years, we’ve delivered over 500 successful business intelligence implementations to organisations across all sectors. This includes Merton Council, Norfolk Constabulary, Edge Hill University, The Saville Group, London Borough of Camden and Companies House.

We can also put a wealth of best-of-breed BI technology and expertise at your fingertips. This includes a variety of our own solutions, which we have developed in-house. And it also includes solutions from our trusted BI technology partners, including IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

Altogether, this makes Advanced Business Solutions a reliable pair of hands for your Business intelligence project.

The benefits of choosing Advanced Business Solutions

We offer you:

  • A breadth of functionality that can be tailored to any business
  • Full integration with other business systems: for better functionality and lower risk
  • A quick return on investment: our solutions are easy to set up, avoid the need to re-key data, improve processes and simplify maintenance
  • Deployment options to suit you: managed services, cloud services, SaaS and shared services
  • Expert consultancy and project management services.

Our business intelligence solutions

Data warehousing

A robust data warehouse can help you to get answers faster, make quicker decisions, optimise your business performance and reduce risk and cost.

Dashboards, reporting and scorecards

View your operational performance at a glance, to help you run your organisation more efficiently.

Business analytics

Carry out in-depth analysis of discrete functions of the organisation, such as procurement or operational processes. This helps you to better predict business outcomes, manage change and enhance your competitive edge.

Analytics Optimisation Study

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