Data Warehousing

A robust data warehouse is essential for business intelligence and business analytics projects. Designed and constructed in the right way, it can help you to get answers faster, make quicker decisions, optimise your business performance and reduce risk and cost.

At Advanced Business Solutions, we have years of experience delivering data warehousing projects, with over 500 implementations for public and private sector organisations to date. This means you are guaranteed a first-rate solution that helps you gain insight easily and quickly.

Why choose Advanced Business Solutions?

Best-in-class technology for all organisations

Advanced Business Solutions is technology-agnostic. We deliver both our own solutions, and best-in-class solutions from trusted partners including IBM and Oracle. This ensures we have something to suit all sizes and types of organisation.

A range of complementary technologies

Each of our data warehousing solutions is complemented with offerings in the data quality and master data management layers, to complete the technology staging of your organisation’s implementation.

Consultancy and support

Our strategic business intelligence consulting services offer you implementation consultancy, product training and on-going support.

Our data warehousing capabilities

Source data transformation

Get access to world-class technology for collecting, transforming and distributing large volumes of complex data in an easy-to-use format.

Read more about Source data transformation

Business requirements and model design

We can work with you to define a clear set of business requirements for a successful BI project.

Read more about Business requirements and model design

Operational source and data quality

We can help you achieve the data quality your project demands.

Read more about Operational source and data quality

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