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Corporate performance management (CPM) is a critical activity for public and private sector organisations looking to manage their costs and go for growth. However, many organisations find CPM activities time-consuming and labour-intensive – often because they rely on spreadsheets, old data and outdated manual processes to carry them out.

With financial controls growing tighter, CPM must be performed efficiently. So at Advanced Business Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of CPM tools.

This includes our own suite of CPM solutions that we have developed in-house. We are also an IBM Premier Partner and a SAP Partner, delivering their best-of-breed CPM solutions.

Importantly, we will strive to make use of any existing assets you have, to ensure no former investment is lost.

The benefits of choosing Advanced Business Solutions

We offer you:

  • A breadth of functionality that can be tailored to any business
  • Full integration with other business systems: for better functionality and lower risk
  • A quick return on investment: our solutions are easy to set up, avoid the need to re-key data, improve processes and simplify maintenance
  • Deployment options to suit you: managed services, cloud services, SaaS and shared services
  • Expert consultancy and project management services

Our solutions

Planning and scenario modelling

Transform all planning activities, including target setting, budget rollout and forecasting. You can analyse data and get insight into potential business outcomes. And you can work across departments more easily, to make key decisions with confidence.

Read more about Planning and scenario modelling

Budgeting and forecasting

We’ve developed robust and effective tools for financial and non-financial budgeting and forecasting. It can dramatically improve planning, budgeting and forecasting by eliminating the use of multiple spreadsheets and the associated time and risk.

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Financial consolidation

Delivered in partnership with IBM, our solution lets you bring together multiple ledgers of any size and from many financial entities into one standard chart of accounts, giving you a single view of all key information.

Read more about Financial consolidation

Regulatory and statutory reporting

This best-of-breed solution automates the production of regulatory and statutory reports. And it gives you a complete audit trail for the preparation of monthly or annual accounts and can incorporate financial and non-financial information with complete version control for audit purposes.

Read more about Regulatory and statutory reporting

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