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As budgets tighten throughout the public and private sectors, organisations are under greater pressure than ever to make smarter spending decisions. To do this properly, it’s essential they have access to reliable and effective budget management tools.

At Advanced Business Solutions, we provide a robust and effective tool for financial and non-financial budgeting and forecasting. It can dramatically improve your planning, budgeting and forecasting by eliminating the use of multiple spreadsheets and the associated time and risk.

Importantly, we are one of the most experienced providers of budgeting and forecasting technology, for both financial and non-financial processes. We first developed our market-leading solution in conjunction with our own customers, and have been honing and refining it over the past eight years.

The brave step away from Excel for budget preparation, monitoring and forecasting

The capabilities and benefits of our solution

Easily integrated into other systems

Our solution lets you automatically extract information from other systems (such as ERP or HR) and incorporate it into your plan. This provides a whole range of extra functionality, including the ability to compare target information against actuals.

Faster working for smarter decision-making

By speeding up operational and financial planning, you can share your plans, budgets and forecasts with the business quickly and accurately. And you can rapidly integrate feedback into the plan for a single, clear and accurate view. This collaborative method gives you accurate information more quickly, for better decision-making.

Suitable for complex scenarios

It’s easy to create linked plans that accurately reflect complex dependencies. By changing the underlying business logic, you can test and compare numerous ‘what-if’ scenarios quickly and easily.

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