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For an organisation to run efficiently, it’s vital that information is securely stored and easily accessible. But if that information is on paper, it’s harder to retrieve and often less secure. Documents can easily be mislaid. Plus, physical storage can increase costs.

Document management solutions, however, can eliminate these problems.

At Advanced Business Solutions, our document management and imaging solutions are fully integrated into our finance and HR solutions. They are designed to automate document management processes, enabling you to store and share all paper documents securely and electronically.

As a result, you are able to use less paper, cut costs, make information more secure and boost your efficiency.

The benefits of choosing Advanced Business Solutions

We offer you:

  • A breadth of functionality that can be tailored to any business
  • Full integration with other business systems: for better functionality and lower risk
  • A quick return on investment: typically within six months
  • Deployment options to suit you: managed services, cloud services, SaaS and shared services
  • Expert consultancy and project management services

Our document management solutions

HR Document Management

Store all documents securely and electronically for the duration of the employee lifecycle. Full integration with our HR solution means you can file documents against an individual’s records, so you always know how and where to find them.

Read more about HR Document Management

Financial Document Management

Our solution uploads and securely stores data as soon as it comes into your business. It’s trusted by thousands of senior financial workers across the public and private sectors.

Read more about Financial Document Management

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