Expenses Management Software

Did you know that more than 40% of an organisation’s total travel costs is often maverick expenditure claims?

If you’re looking for a simple way to enforce expenses policy, cut processing time, lower business risk and save costs, our expenses management software is the answer. Fully web-based and easy to use, it automates the reimbursement process. So you can stay compliant and protect your bottom line.

A wealth of features

Our employee expenses management solution offers a wide variety of features that cover all statutory requirements. It can be configured to meet your organisation’s internal policies. And it can generate a host of expense reports for detailed business insight.

A quick ROI

Our solution can save costs by reducing the time it takes to process expenses. This means ROI is fast.

Lower risk

By improving procurement processes and supplier negotiation, we can help you cut ‘maverick’ spending, and lower the risk of fraudulent or exaggerated claims. 

Real flexibility

Our expenses software works on a variety of devices, and integrates with all of our other solutions. Plus it’s suitable for both on-site and hosted deployments.

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