HCM Reporting

Advanced Business Solutions’ reporting capabilities are very flexible and customisable to your needs. Whether you want basic reporting, detailed analysis, management dashboards or trend analysis and scenario planning, we have it covered.

This gives you all the tools you need to monitor, analyse and enhance the performance of your staff and your organisation.

Our purpose-built reporting tools let you produce reports without any support from your IT department. There’s no need for additional software and no upgrade issues that you might associate with third-party report generators as our HR & Payroll report writers are part of the core product.

HCM Report Writer

Want a way to build, analyse and share information across your organisation, so you can uncover the subtlest trends or patterns? Our report writers are flexible, user-friendly, point-and-click tools that allows you to produce comprehensive reports quickly and easily. Reports can be viewed online, printed immediately or stored for future use. They include a library of standard reports that cover most day-to-day requirements and more complex custom reports can be built quickly using the in-built report generators.

People Analytics

This powerful analytics tool is an effective way for managers to better understand and manage employee performance and its business impact. People Analytics was designed with leading experts on HR metrics, and all 150 core business measures are pre-defined in the system. Its comprehensive modules enable HR teams to answer pressing questions with ease. This gives HR, line management and board members the information they really need to make informed decisions.

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