Recruitment and Retention

If you want to attract, select, train and retain the best candidates, you need an established talent management culture. This is how you’ll drive your growth and deliver on your business goals.

Through our integrated Human Capital Management suite, Advanced Business Solutions gives you everything you need for talent management. Entirely online, and with many simpler HR processes delivered as self-service, it helps your HR teams to find and keep the best people.

Intelligent e-recruitment Recruitment software

Our system can produce a list of potential candidates by applying any criteria to your vacancies, sifting through hundreds of applications in minutes. It can handle every step of the process, from creation of the vacancy through to issuing contracts.

Match reporting

Sort hundreds of applications in seconds and produce a shortlist of candidates using virtually any combination of conditions or skills. Identify the closest matches, show those achieving a minimum level, and exclude those not fulfilling mandatory requirements.

You can also build a bank of previously interviewed candidates, saving you time and money on new recruitment activities.

Automated correspondence

Produce letters and documents automatically, to cut repetitive administration. The system automatically chases up references, while automated emails ensure all parties are aware of interview dates, times, locations and vacancy closing dates. All HR correspondence can be tracked and stored via our HR document management solution.

HR reporting

Generate detailed reports about all recruitment expenditure, including expenses, advertising and agency fees. Over time, you can identify your most cost-effective recruitment sources.

Online recruitment

Our software allows existing employees to access current vacancy details and for the same positions to be posted on external recruitment sites, and allows line managers to track applicants throughout the entire recruitment process.

Employee retention

Training software

Our training software is a complete learning management system. It provides a full picture of all employee training, including internal and external courses, on- and off-the-job experience, coaching, mentoring, work shadowing, seminars and workshops. It also lets you create course schedules, and manage providers and venues.

Integrated systems

Get information about appraisals, training needs and objectives, skills, NVQs and CPD on any individual, group or department. Line managers can identify the availability of relevant courses and place a training request whilst conducting an appraisal. And you can perform complex skills gap analysis through the Career Progression feature.

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