Managed Services

Advanced Business Solutions can deliver managed services and hosting options for all application suites across the portfolio. We take responsibility for everything behind the end-user’s screen, including all equipment and networking, licensing, systems administration, support, upgrades and future planning.

This can help to ensure your critical business technology is protected, while helping you to better control costs.

Our managed services capabilities

Comprehensive support

Our managed services and hosting packages include end-user helpdesk support and disaster recovery options across all of our application suites.

A dedicated bureau service

Our highly experienced and skilled team is available to you through our on-demand customer service desk. The team operates as if it were your own in-house IT department, with one number to call.

Fixed payments

The costs for our outsourced managed services are fixed. You pay them at convenient intervals, making budgeting predictable and easier to manage.

The latest technology

We use a combination of the latest self-healing technologies and best practice systems administration.

Impressive uptime

Our target uptime is 99% during normal office hours. This has been met or exceeded continuously since the managed services division opened in 2008.

World-class security

All personnel at our managed services division are routinely vetted to Defence Agency Counter Terrorism Cleared (CTC) or higher, and our two data centres are located in discreet residential/office buildings. The centres are linked by secure network, with 24/7 CCTV and monitored building alarms securing the external perimeter. 

As part of your SLA, we also agree a system of controls for all outsourced services. This may include data encryption, client and server authentication, proof of authorship, user authentication and non-repudiation.

Impressive disaster recovery services

We can also offer a number of outsourced disaster recovery options at highly competitive prices. These can be included as part of a managed services contract or taken out under a separate arrangement. 

Want to know more?

Learn more about our managed services by downloading our managed services brochure. Alternatively, fill in the contact form or call us on 0845 160 6162.

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