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Switching to an electronic invoice management solution can offer impressive benefits. It can boost user satisfaction and ensure adherence to best practice. An organisation processing 50,000 invoices a year can save an impressive £80-£90k in the first year alone.

At Advanced Business Solutions, we know that there is no right or wrong way to implement electronic invoice management. It depends on the culture of your organisation, your supplier mix and your procurement strategy. That’s why we advise on the best technology, approach and pace for your organisation.

Our invoice management capabilities

Our Smart Procurement Suite provides a range of options to help you manage and control the receipt, matching, authorisation and payment of supplier invoices.

Automated invoice receipting and matching

We can help you significantly reduce the time and money spent on registration, reconciliation and authorisation of purchase invoices. Highly flexible, our technology uses the latest electronic receipt, automated matching and electronic routing functionality.


We are at the forefront of invoicing and eInvoicing solutions. We offer a number of options for supplier invoice receipt and automated matching to suit different needs. This includes:

  • Cloud invoicing, for a supplier-friendly way to send and receive electronic invoices
  • eInvoicing as an end-to-end service, where we manage all inbound invoices and provide 100% electronic invoices to your accounts payable system
  • Electronic XML invoice receipt, with automated matching of invoices directly from suppliers or from third party bureau services (such as IMPAQ, OB10 and various eMarketplaces)
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning via the document management solution
  • Paper receipt and barcode scanning via the document management solution
  • Full self-billing functionality from goods/service based receipting
  • Manual paper receipt and entry either directly into the core financial management system or via remote entry through the supplier self-service functionality

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