Advanced Cloud Invoicing

Advanced Cloud Invoicing is an efficient and supplier-friendly electronic invoicing solution. It removes most of the invoice handling steps for both you and your supplier. eInvoicing automates the invoice management process end to end, so that all invoices are processed in the cloud.

Simple to use, it can help you process payments faster, increase transparency between you and your suppliers, and reduce your costs.

Advanced Cloud Invoicing is fully hosted in the cloud by Advanced Business Solutions. Your suppliers don’t need to install any software, meaning no cost or disruption to their business – so you can be sure of high adoption rates.


  • Full ebilling capability
  • Invoice digitisation and validation
  • Automatic invoice archiving
  • Automatic invoice processing
  • Integration with document management repository


Faster payment processing

Create a faster, straight-through process with real-time data delivery.

Increased visibility and control

Putting the invoice process in the cloud makes it fully transparent for both customers and suppliers.

High supplier adoption

The solution is very easy to use, encouraging supplier adoption.

Reduced costs and fast ROI

Advanced Cloud Invoicing removes the cost of printing, postage and document handling, lowering your costs and offering rapid return on investment.

Lower carbon footprint

Switching to electronic invoicing and cutting out paper-based processes can support your environmental strategy.

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