A comprehensive solution for charity management, customer relationship management and fundraising.

The CARENG system for customer relationship management (CRM), fundraising and charity management is a fully integrated software package with specialist functionality designed to match the needs of charities, educational institutions and other not-for-profit organisations.

CARENG has the power and flexibility to support the work carried out across your organisation: from handling large volumes of transactions arising from public appeals, to processing regular giving, to managing carefully targeted major gift campaigns, to efficiently administering grant applications.

Designed for the medium to large charities this fully integrated solution offers a comprehensive set of modules covering all aspects of charities’ key business processes, helping them to improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs, with all your data, whether collected online or through other channels feeds back into a unified, centralised database. This eliminates the headache of maintaining multiple sources of data and helps to create a rounded, 360° view of your supporter or major donor that can be shared by all authorised staff to build long-term relationships.


CARENG supports all of your key business processes:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Fundraising and campaign management
  • Membership management and subscriptions processing
  • Events and conferences
  • Financial management and integration
  • Merchandising and sales order processing
  • Lotteries and public collections
  • Legacy marketing and management
  • Distribution management
  • Service delivery management
  • Full website integration
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Supports digital communications via email, mobile, SMS and more


  • Easier access to business information supports closer management control
  • Greater return on your marketing investment
  • All your teams share the same up-to-date database
  • Every assistance to automate and improve service
  • Seamless integration lets you use familiar Microsoft Office 2010 tools – even out of the office
  • Develop a strong web presence, with the easy online interaction supporters expect

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