IntegraNG - market-leading membership database software

IntegraNG is the most widely-used membership system in the UK, giving thousands of users the tools to efficiently streamline their administration, improve membership management, cut costs and develop strong, personalised relationships with their stakeholders.

  • Integrate your website and back office
  • Improve services to members
  • Reduce membership attrition
  • Lower costs and grow revenue

IntegraNG builds on the success of Integra to help membership organisations to maximise revenues across the organisation and engage with a new generation of members. It offers an ever-expanding portfolio of modules covering the whole spectrum of not-for-profit functionality, as well as major technical innovations.

Such as:

  • Benefiting from advances in Microsoft technology, IntegraNG incorporates the .NET Framework architecture to allow rapid development and integration into other systems.
  • In-built extensibility enables the solution to be extended and customised while still staying true to the standard platform for simplified maintenance and upgrades.
  • Multi-channel capabilities enable IntegraNG to be deployed across a range of media options, such as websites, email, mobile applications... and support the work of your digital marketing team.

IntegraNG also supports all of the key business processes of NFP organisations, including:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Case management
  • Membership management & subscriptions processing
  • Events and conferences
  • Professional development (CPD/IPD)
  • Exams management
  • Financial management and integration
  • Merchandising and sales order processing
  • Distribution management
  • Full website integration
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Supports digital communications via email, mobile, SMS and more
  • Fundraising and campaign management

Want to know more?

Contact us to find out more about Integra or call us on 0844 815 5640 and we can help you determine the right solution for you.

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