Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics is an essential tool for any organisation seeking to promote procurement best practice and control costs. It enables finance managers to analyse and report on spending performance across all divisions, products, services and suppliers.

It works with any purchase order and purchase invoice system to provide an instant snapshot of spending activity. You can see how this compares with your targets, with previous months’ performance, and with the amounts paid by different business units for similar items.


  • Built-in data warehouse
  • Administration screens
  • Web-based reporting and analysis
  • More than 30 standard reports
  • Drill-down and slice-and-dice functionality
  • Built-in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Trend reporting and analysis
  • Procurement and spend monitoring
  • Built-in security and authentication
  • View, create and save reports, queries, charts, graphs, dashboards and scorecards
  • Export report and chart output to Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML formats


Gain greater insight

Get new insight quickly and easily from data currently locked away in spreadsheets and databases.

Save time

Traditional finance systems need a lot of work to deliver this insight. With Spend Analytics, data extraction and analysis is automatic and can be initiated on demand.

Save money

Spot fraudulent spend, identify maverick spending, and reveal price variances for the same product.

Get paid faster

Reduce invoice-to-pay times.

Want to know more?

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