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Distribution & Wholesale

Distribution and wholesale is a highly competitive market. Success means controlling costs, increasing efficiency and having the flexibility to meet customer needs, it also means being able to conform to the government's stringent regulatory requirements.

To overcome these challenges, you need complete visibility of your operations. You also need fast access to high quality information, so you can make informed decisions as quickly as possible.

At Advanced Business Solutions, we can provide an integrated set of solutions that can help you realise your goals. Thanks to years of working with organisations across this sector, we know how to apply this technology to maximum effect.

Why choose Advanced Business Solutions?


Our market-leading systems are trusted by organisations throughout this sector. Clients such as DHL Logistics (UK) Limited, Dart Group PLC and Geodis UK Limited have all improved back office performance through a range of our solutions.

Comprehensive solutions

Our solutions are purpose-built to help you streamline and automate processes across finance and accounting, HR and payroll, supply chain management, procurement and sourcing, document management and corporate performance management. We can also help you to gain new insight into business performance through our world-class business intelligence tools. And you can ensure the whole process stays efficient and cost-effective through our variety of managed services and outsourcing options.

Solutions for the Distribution & Wholesale Sector

Financial Accounting

  • Suitable for a distributed organisation
  • Handle complex accounting structures
  • Make more informed decisions, improve operations and reduce costs
  • Manage the increasing demands of compliance and regulation
  • Manage site performance, track utilisation and improve profitability
  • Ensure that resources are monitored, minimising revenue seepage

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HR & Payroll

  • Lift the load from the HR team through self-service
  • Better control of recruitment and training costs
  • Ensure compliance to emerging standards
  • Make better use of resources with rostering and workforce optimisation

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Procurement & Sourcing

  • Make savings by automating the procure-to-pay cycle
  • Drive through efficiency and contract compliance

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Document Management

  • Store, retrieve and copy documents electronically
  • Remove reliance on paper-driven processes
  • Get clearer audit trails
  • Reduce physical storage space needs

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Business Intelligence

  • Deliver advanced reporting and analysis
  • Monitor, analyse and improve the effect of staff on corporate performance

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Supply Chain Management

  • Broad functionality that’s scalable to any size organisation and transaction volume
  • Control supplier costs
  • Control productivity costs

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Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Raise the standards of your budgeting and forecasting
  • Make an impact on your bottom line

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Managed services & outsourcing

  • Reduce inital outlay
  • Fix monthly solution costs

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