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Schools, further education (FE) establishments and universities may all appear to face differing challenges, but their goals are in fact very similar: to boost operational efficiency and protect funds, while enhancing the learning experience.

Of course, how these needs manifest themselves is different at each level of education. That’s why Advanced Business Solutions offers a range of solutions that are purpose-built to help each type of education provider achieve its goals.

For FE institutions and universities, Advanced Business Solutions has a core suite of software designed to help automate financial and procurement processes within and beyond the organisation. This technology is currently boosting efficiency and delivering cost savings for some 50 customers.

To support schools towards their goals, we turn to dedicated division, Advanced Learning. Its portfolio of software solutions is purpose-built for all schools at primary and secondary levels, in order to transform education for the better.

Why choose Advanced Business Solutions?

Highly experienced

Advanced Business Solutions and Advanced Learning are among the largest IT suppliers to UK education establishments. We’ve worked in this sector for more than 20 years.

A wealth of specialist technology

Across our portfolio, we offer a range of specialist education systems, from student experience management systems, to research grant administration modules and parents’ evening booking systems.

Our education solutions



Advanced Learning offers a tailored suite of software and online solutions, from management information systems (MIS) to smart room booking software. These solutions are designed to add value to the lives of every learner, while driving the school towards greater efficiency.

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Further Education

Further Education

We offer student records systems, student experience management systems, online Individualised Learner Record (ILR) submission systems, document management tools and business intelligence systems.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

Our technology solutions and our experienced consultants can help universities save money and generate revenue by automating and streamlining key back office processes.

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