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IT provision is under the spotlight. Many emergency services organisations are contemplating collaborative working arrangements, outsourcing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in order to save money and further enhance efficiency.

Advanced Business Solutions is a leading provider of finance, procurement and performance management solutions to this sector, with more than 15 years’ experience and over 50 customers. We know how to help emergency services organisations achieve their efficiency goals. And we have a range of delivery options to help you keep costs to a minimum.

Why choose Advanced Business Solutions?

Trusted in this sector

We are the number one supplier of business management and information systems to UK police forces. More than 25% of UK forces use our financial and procurement solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Proven solutions

Our Smart Business Suite streamlines daily operations, achieves demonstrable year-on-year savings, and helps you meet your financial and regulatory requirements.   

Proven savings

We’ve helped emergency services organisations realise savings of up to 18% in expense claims and up to 60% in purchase invoice processing costs. Through our shared services and outsourcing, we’ve also helped emergency services reduce central purchasing process costs by up to 70%.

Experience of delivering shared services

We have a lot of experience of shared services delivery. We have implemented:

  • a financial management shared service between the Lothian & Borders and Grampian police forces
  • collaborative budgeting and forecasting systems at Nottinghamshire Police, Norfolk Police and Strathclyde Fire & Rescue
  • an electronic invoice management and payments solution with police forces in Warwickshire, North Wales and Bedfordshire

Our capabilities for emergency services

Financial Accounting

  • Over 50 emergency services organisations nationwide use our software

Read more about Financial Accounting

HR & Payroll

  • We offer solutions powered by our strategic business partners

Read more about HR & Payroll

Procurement & Sourcing

  • We have a suite of solutions to cover the procure-to-pay process, including eProcurement, invoice management and eSourcing

Read more about Procurement & Sourcing

Document Management

  • Financial document management is an integral part of our solution

Read more about Document Management

Business Intelligence

  • We offer solutions that report on key regulatory information We can also help you reduce procurement spend with Spend Analytics

Read more about Business Intelligence

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Raise the standards of your budgeting and forecasting
  • Make an impact on your bottom line

Read more about Budgeting & Forecasting

Managed Services & Outsourcing

  • An extensive range of options, from systems support to cloud-based application delivery

Read more about Managed Services & Outsourcing


Advanced appears on two of the government's leading digital marketplaces; Corporate Software Solutions RM1042 and G Gloud.

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