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Advanced Business Solutions has worked with financial services customers for over 25 years. We understand that it’s a diverse sector subject to rigorous compliance pressures. We know that business solutions must cope with the complexity of legacy systems, integrating well in order to deliver a cohesive service.

Our solutions are clearly focused on all related financial business transactions – including financial management, procure-to-pay, business intelligence, human capital management and analytic solutions. This makes us well-placed to meet the back office requirements of financial services organisations.

Why choose Advanced Business Solutions?

A custom solution

The financial services market is very diverse. Advanced Business Solutions can advise on the optimal solution and configuration for your business, ensuring it meets your requirements both now and in the future.

Our financial services capabilities

Financial Accounting

  • A comprehensive, scalable solution to suit all sizes of organisation
  • Greater workflow and process control
  • Suitable for all types of retail organisation, including high street, wholesale and online

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HR & Payroll

  • Take better control of workforce management, both centrally and at store level

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Procurement & Sourcing

  • A suite of solutions to cover the procure-to-pay process, including marketplaces and punch-out

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Document Management

  • Financial document management is an integral part of our solution

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Business Intelligence

  • Store performance analytics enables store managers to quickly decipher valuable information
  • Reduce procurement costs with Spend Analytics

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Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Raise the standards of your budgeting and forecasting
  • Make an impact on your bottom line

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Managed Services & Outsourcing

  • Choose from an extensive range of options, from systems support to hosted and cloud-based application integration, development and delivery

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To find out more about our financial services solutions, visit our resources area.
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