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This era defined by prolonged spending reductions puts the need for efficiency and cost savings right at the top of the agenda.

At this challenging time local authorities need greater budgetary control, without sacrificing service levels. They also need greater clarity of their spending, and insight into the knock-on effects of their financial decisions.

At Advanced Business Solutions, we have a long and proven track record in local government. We are one of the largest suppliers of financial solutions to this sector, with one in four local authorities using our software. We also have a team of experienced consultants, who can help you to realise savings and protect your vital capital reserves.

Why choose Advanced Business Solutions?

Knowledge and experience

We understand that the requirements of district councils differ significantly to those of county councils, unitary, borough and metropolitan borough councils. We are the only supplier that has solutions to suit these differing needs.

We have a wealth of experience to share from a variety of successful implementations, as well as over a 10-year track record in shared services delivery.

Comprehensive portfolio

We have a comprehensive portfolio designed specifically for local government. Development of our main solutions is guided by our local government steering group, which is administered by users.

Solutions to help you do more with less

We can offer more efficient solutions for a range of processes such as budget consolidation and management, helping you to do more with less.

Real flexibility

Advanced Business Solutions has particular skills in systems design, and can build flexibility and adaptability into your solution from the ground up. 

Our local government solutions

Financial Accounting

  • IFRS-compliant asset management software
  • Payment management software
  • Debtors for good business management and focused debt recovery
  • One in four authorities use Advanced Authority Financials

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HR & Payroll

  • A select range of solutions from our strategic business partners

Read more about HR & Payroll

Procurement & Sourcing

  • A suite of solutions to cover the procure-to-pay process including eProcurement, invoice management and eSourcing

Read more about Procurement & Sourcing

Document Management

  • Financial document management is an integral part of our solution

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Business Intelligence

  • Solutions to respond quickly to initiatives such as Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), local spend analysis and benchmarking
  • Spend Analytics, to help you reduce procurement spend Corporate performance management A real-time collaborative solution for budget management, replacing spread sheets

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Managed Services & Outsourcing

  • Everything from systems support to hosted and cloud-based application integration, development and delivery

Read more about Managed Services & Outsourcing

Advanced appears on two of the government's leading digital marketplaces; Corporate Software Solutions RM1042 and G Gloud.

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