For today's top transportation organisations to stay ahead, they need complete visibility of operations. Fast access to quality information is essential to help them react to changing market conditions and make the right decisions quickly.

That means being at the forefront of technology. By using the right solutions to streamline and automate processes, transport companies can gain new business insight, reduce costs, boost agility and keep regulators happy.

At Advanced Business Solutions, we have the means to help you achieve these goals through implementation of our market-leading financial management, procurement, human capital management and performance management solutions.

We also have years of experience working for transport companies, especially those operating in passenger transportation, freight, distribution and logistics. We know how to apply our technology to help you enhance performance and achieve your corporate targets.

Solutions for the Transportation Sector

Financial Accounting

  • Make more informed decisions, improve operations, reduce costs and manage the demands of compliance and regulation
  • Suitable for a distributed organisation model
  • Manage performance, track utilisation and improve profitability
  • Ensure that resources are monitored and minimise revenue seepage

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HR & Payroll

  • Lift the departmental load through employee self-service
  • Control recruitment and training costs
  • Ensure compliance with emerging standards
  • Make better use of resources with rostering and workforce optimisation

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Document Management

  • Store, retrieve and copy documents electronically
  • Deliver clearer audit trails
  • Reduce physical storage needs

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Business Intelligence

  • Get complete visibility of operations and fast access to high quality structured information
  • Deliver advanced reporting and analysis
  • Monitor, analyse and improve the effect of staff on corporate performance

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Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Raise the standards of your budgeting and forecasting
  • Make an impact on your bottom line

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Supply Chain Management

  • A breadth and depth of functionality
  • Suitable for all organisation types and sizes
  • Control supplier and productivity costs

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Managed Services & Outsourcing

  • Reduce outlay by fixing monthly solution costs

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