Advanced Business Solutions has a dedicated team of more than 100 support consultants. You can access this team via phone, email, the web or through our 24x7 online customer portal.

The team is committed to providing a range of responsive support services for both our standard and our bespoke technology installations. The team strives to resolve issues before they affect service, and delivers support to ITIL-standard procedures.

Our dedicated technical support service: Support+

We also offer a dedicated technical support service called Support+. This includes remote database management, configuration management and database administrator support.

Remote database management

This service is designed to fulfil the role of an in-house database administrator (DBA). Our team offers excellent database administration skills, as well as considerable years’ experience in Progress, Oracle, MS SQL and our own applications. You’d be hard-pressed to find a comparable offering elsewhere.

Their tasks include:

  • Regular reviews of database storage, logs and performance
  • Database maintenance and performance tuning as required
  • Termination of locked users, sessions and processes
  • Installation of database patches

Configuration management

Our team offers controlled installation of fixes, fix bundles and patches to Advanced Business Solutions applications. This can minimise the risk of delays and disruption.

Their tasks include:

  • Installation of application fixes, fix bundles and patches
  • Periodic refresh of test environment from live
  • Stop, start and restart of scheduler, actioner and application services
  • Monthly service report detailing incidents raised, closed, outstanding and highlights

Database administrator support

You also have the option of outsourcing application management to our technical services team on a temporary or permanent basis. The team proactively monitors your database to catch issues early and prevent them from affecting service.

Want to know more?

To find out more about our support services, download our professional services brochure.

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