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In the public and private sectors alike, organisations face the same challenge: to improve their services while reducing costs. It can seem an impossible goal. But there is an innovative way to do more with less – and that’s sharing services with another organisation.

In fact, sharing services can do more than save you money. Done wisely, it can make your organisation much stronger and far more adaptable to change.

At Advanced Business Solutions, we’ve worked with numerous organisations to help them share their finance systems.  We know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. The key is to make it work for your organisation, taking steps towards the cost savings and service improvements you want to make.

As a knowledgeable advisor with a broad range of experience,  we can help you to minimise the risk and maximise the returns of shared services deployments. Our services are trusted by high profile organisations including NHS Scotland, where all 22 health boards share our financial management system.

In the public healthcare sector, our software can be contracted via our business partner, ELFS Shared Services.

The benefits of choosing Advanced Business Solutions

We offer you:

  • Cost and efficiency savings
  • A path to improved customer service
  • The ability to streamline processes and provide better information
  • A centralised, shared resource, for shared knowledge and experience Improved flexibility and resilience to change

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