Order Processing & Distribution

Order processing, warehousing and distribution is a complicated activity. It can involve hundreds or thousands of individuals working across multiple locations. To control costs, manage stock and fulfil orders efficiently, you need a way to see into the whole process at a glance.

Advanced Business Solutions is an expert in this field. Our solutions are designed to automate and manage order processing and distribution end-to-end. This includes managing orders sent to the warehouse for picking, performing inventory checks and automating purchase orders. As a result, you can reduce errors, increase the speed of delivery, and lower your costs.

The key capabilities of our solutions

Stock control

Control the planned movement of stock and fulfil sales orders from different locations.

Purchase ordering

Our purchase ordering solutions help you control order generation, both automatic and manual.

Inventory management

This covers all aspects of the product lifecycle, making a variety of business processes much more flexible.

Order management

Prevent fraudulent orders from costing you time and money by flagging them in good time, giving you a chance to review and decide your next steps.

Bill of materials

The bill of materials provides true multi-level bill structures. It holds the relevant information for integrated ordering systems (sales, purchase or works) to function in a manufacturing or assembling environment.


Our CRM solution automatically records details of quotations, sales orders and customer prospects. This includes details of when they convert, which products were sold and at what price.

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