Production Management

At Advanced Business Solutions, production management is a key focus of our supply chain management solution. Our goal is to help you make production management as simple as possible, by providing flexible workflow that you can tailor to suit your own business processes.

This gives you full control over your production management activities – including the work order cycle, material requirements planning and master production scheduling.

Our key capabilities

Full automation

You can use our supply chain solution to automate assembly orders, disassembly orders, order entry, scheduling works/purchase orders, work in progress and order placement. All of this saves you time, effort and money, reducing wastage while avoiding the likelihood of unfulfilled sales.

Works order management

Manage all aspects of the works order lifecycle. This covers the capture and processing of component parts, from order placement to finished assembly or disassembly, giving you greater flexibility and control.

Product costing

Manage product costing for manufactured products, for greater control over material and departmental costs and profitability levels.

Smart forecasting

Combine forecast information with current order requirements, records of historical demand and more. This helps you forecast upcoming demand and keep stock to realistic minimum levels.

Inventory management

Carry out detailed and complex processing around products, using their product codes or other collectives such as types and groups.

Perpetual stock taking

Monitor your stock strategically by updating the general ledger with transactions automatically during the inventory process.

Bill of materials

The bill of materials provides true multi-level bill structures, holding the relevant information required for integrated ordering systems (sales, purchase or works) to function in a manufacturing or assembling environment.

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