Warehouse Management Systems

Our centralised, automated warehouse management systems makes it easier to manage complex warehouse activities for all types of organisation and orders. It helps you boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfilment times and increase customer satisfaction.

The Warehouse Management System can be implemented on its own or part of a comprehensive ERP solution that also includes financial, HR, payroll and supply chain management systems. It can also be fully integrated with other ERP solutions such as SAP, Sage, Dynamics, Exchequer and other popular business systems, as well as bespoke ERP solutions.

It is fast to deploy, easy to use and very scalable. Our Warehouse Management Software integrates with other systems from HR to payroll to ERP, helping information flow through your organisation for better business insight and control.

That’s why organisations like OfficeTeam, Domino's Pizza Group and DSV Logistics trust our solution to manage their warehouse operations every day.

Warehouse management system solutions: our capabilities

Task management

Our solution automatically generates tasks based on product, owner and system rules. This includes tasks for put-away, picking, replenishment and perpetual inventory.

Material flow and inspection control

Product flow control is fully automated. Products can also be inspected upon receipt.


Gain full visibility and traceability throughout the warehouse processes. Process all planned stock movements and un-planned receipts. Movements may be transactions within a single warehouse, or warehouse-to-warehouse. You can also track and record stock on the latest hand-held devices over GPRS, in new or temporary additional buildings or where there is limited infrastructure.

Serial tracking can be used for both larger units (such as pallets) and individual stock units that have their own ID.

Bar code scanning

Use bar code scanning and integrate the data across your supply chain for better efficiency and fewer costly mistakes. Asset management

Reduce the costs of loss through tighter control on the use of returnable capital equipment within the warehouse, such as stillages, drums, totes, towers, pallets and other ‘non-stock’ items.

Billing calculation

Automatically capture and calculate the costs of service for each customer based on your own defined rules.


Generate customised documentation (e.g. despatch notes and labels) that can be formatted to suit a customer’s stationery. Through remote labelling, you can track and label inbound stock from anywhere in the world.

Customs data

Record Bill of Entry information and capture essential data such as voyage/vessel/document details for goods arriving from outside of national boundaries.


Get an online snapshot of outstanding and current tasks in the warehouse as well as performance against your targets.

Event management

Use a physical transaction as a trigger to generate tasks or actions for a defined set of criteria.

Heat map

Get a 2D map of the warehouse that highlights hotspots based upon the volume of activity. This helps you to optimise warehouse space to suit your products and throughput levels.

Management reporting

Generate a range of reports based on the operational data you collect in the system.

Customer inventory management

Allow customers to enquire and report on their inventory via a secure web-based portal into your stock information.

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