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Crosscare is a fully configurable practice management system designed for use within four main areas - hospice care, private care, primary care and corporate care. For all of these applications, the same core product is delivered, but the flexibility of the system and commitment of Crosscare’s implementation team means that each customer can create a bespoke product.

Primary Care NHS

Crosscare Primary Care is a renowned and proven practice management system that includes a full and complete clinical system. Crosscare is fully accredited for NHS Connecting for Health’s GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) scheme

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Private Care

A renowned and proven practice management system that includes a complete clinical system. Crosscare brings modern day innovation and flexibility to the private sector, whilst maintaining the traditional service standards of private practice. Crosscare boasts a range of features tailored especially to private practice and is the leading clinical system used in and around Harley Street.

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Corporate Care

Crosscare can be used by multi-national corporate companies to provide wellness programmes and in-house clinics for their employees. Many employers now look to minimise employee absence by providing healthcare facilities at the office for the benefit of the workforce.

Crosscare holds the medical records for employees and its hosted service allows employees to move between offices around the world with their records remaining accessible.

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