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Advanced Health & Care offers a range of electronic call monitoring solutions which remove the need for paper-based timesheets and records.


iConnect is a mobile working solution enabling real-time communication between care workers and office staff. iConnect eliminates the need for paper rosters and timesheets. Care workers in the field have access to their schedules in real-time, complete with up-to-date last minute changes made in Staffplan Roster. Using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, iConnect provides auditable evidence of arrival and departure times to office staff in real-time. iConnect is easyto use, secure and most importantly, non-intrusive for service users.

Key Features of iConnect include:

Mobile devices showing iConnect
  • Delivery of live rosters and key service user information e.g. tasks to be completed and access codes are sent directly to a care worker’s mobile phone
  • Ability to record actual visit times using small identification tags placed discreetly in the service user’s home. There is no need to use a service user’s landline.
  • The data collected is fed back to Staffplan Roster in real-time and updates bookings with actual service delivery information and proof of location, providing both a live operational view and verifiable electronic timesheets
  • Real time electronic call monitoring and two way communication with care workers
  • Clear visibility of  care worker locations, improving field worker safety with comprehensive alarm strategies

iConnect is now available to download through Google Play.

Google Play

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Staffplan Monitor:

Staffplan Monitor provides organisations with a low cost electronic monitoring solution based on landline telephones via unanswered and answered services to accurately prove care workers arrival and departure times.

Key features of Monitor include:

  • Access to a Freephone telephone number, which care workers call from the service user’s landline on arrival and departure from the visit
  • Critical visit alerts notify managers of non-attendance, allowing proactive response and safeguarding both care workers and service users
  • Flexible alert options include on-screen pop-ups, SMS and email with configurable escalation procedures to ensure appropriate action is taken

Communicating in real-time with our rostering software, electronic call monitoring solutions from Advanced will streamline the timesheet reconciliation process, provide evidence of service delivery and ensure accurate and timely invoice and payroll processing.

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