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NHS111NHS 111 is the new national service in England for patients requiring medical help in non-emergency situations. Patients will be sent through a clinical triage where they will explain their symptoms, advisors will then give healthcare advice or directly refer patients to local services. These services could include A&E, out-of-hours doctor, walk-in centre or urgent care centre, a community nurse, an emergency dentist or a late-opening chemist.

Adastra 111 allows NHS 111 providers to fully triage patients on the first call and if required send assessments onto our services without the need for re-triaging, which allows patients to experience a seamless journey through the service rather than having to provide data more than once.

In the case of emergency symptoms being described by the patient, Adastra 111 allows the adviser to send out ambulances with a click of a button, rather than having to then end the call and then contacting the ambulance service. This then allows the advisor to stay on the call with the patient and explain everything that is happening without causing extra stress for the patient.   

Adastra 111 has embedded NHS Pathways within the system. NHS Pathways is an all-encompassing clinical assessment tool which allows cases to be triaged over the telephone by taking calls from the public. Calls can come through on 999, GP Out of Hours, NHS 111 and any other Single Point of Access number. Allowing call handlers to effectively process calls using one system and deliver the most appropriate outcome for the patient.

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