Referral & Capacity Management

Referral Capacity Management

Adastra's call centre heritage, advanced interoperability capability and built-in clinical and operational decision support framework makes it an ideal choice for referral management services wanting to streamline their processes and safely and efficiently route referrals to the correct endpoints.

Adastra's speed and flexibility allows services to quickly and easily record patients' details and requirements, optionally pass them to interim assessment clinicians for approval and then electronically send them to the
final destination.

Using Adastra's built-in capacity management functionality, outlying services can maintain their own service details, ensuring that information is both timely and accurate for staff managing the referral process. And because every referral is time and date stamped every step of the way, managers are able to measure the service's overall performance and each and every referral's progress.

Plus, outlying clinicians can even make electronic referrals into the service over the web, using Adastra's referral management web access module.

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